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Michelle Bachman says she'll roll gas back to $1.79 and candy bars back to a nickel

Published on: August 23, 2011
Just when I thought this political season couldn't get any more nuts, Michelle Bachman takes the podium and guarantees that under her presidency, prices will come crashing down. Gas will be a $1.79, maybe $1.29. Candy bars will be a nickel and a loaf of bread 15 cents.

Considering the political policies she advocates -- Warren Harding is a hero -- she just might do it.

Plunge the U.S. into a depression that makes the 1930s  look like good times and you'll see deflation push those doggone prices right through the floor and into the basement.

It'll be a golden day for the fortunate speculators who have stashed their ill gotten gains of the last two decades into something solid -- like piles of gold coins in their basement -- but a horrifying experience for the rest of America.