88 bu/a Tops South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest

Inside Dakota Ag

Soybean yields of 80+ bushels per acre were produced over a wide area in eastern South Dakota.

Published on: December 13, 2013

There were a lot yields in the 70s and 80s in 2013  South Dakota Soybean Yield Contest.

Winners were announced this week at the South Dakota Soybean Association annual meeting.

Huron Colony, Huron, S.D., won first place overall with 88.75 bushels per acre. The entry was in the Group II or III maturity irrigated division. The variety was Integra 22410.

Joey Waldner, who accepted the award, said they did a lot of work on the field. The colony applied lots of fertilizer, especially potash, to the soybeans. They foliar fed the crop. They put on micronutrients, fungicides and insecticides. Some spots in the field yielded even more than 88 bushels per acre. “We saw 102 and 109 on the yield monitor,” Walder says. “We are trying to produce 100 bushel per acre.”

Scott McKee, Alcester, S.D., placed second overall with 85.86 bushel per acre. It was in the Group II maturity no-till division. The variety was Pioneer 92Y91.

Jerome and Tyler Poeschl, Yankton, S.D., had 85.14 bushel per acre for third place overall and and second place in the Group II or III Irrigated category. The variety was Pioneer 92Y83.

Robert Swisher, Groton, S.D., had an 83.21 bushel per acre yield. He placed first in the Group 0 non-irrigated division. It was the variety Pioneer 90Y90.

Kory Standy, Platte, S.D., had an 82.30 bushel per acre entry for third place in the in the Group II or III irrigated division. The variety was Asgrow AG2431.