10 Reasons A Famer Is An Ideal Valentine

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A farmer is the perfect Valentine. Here is a list of 10 reasons why.

Published on: February 14, 2014

Famers are great Valentines. However, it takes a special person to truly understand what makes a farmer, well, so lovable. If you are searching for your Valentine, look no further. Here is the list of why a farmer is an ideal Valentine.

1. Loves animals.

What is more adorable than a man who loves animals? Well, one who loves animals enough to allow you to keep not just the dog or cat, but also a calf, lamb, goat, or pig in the house. A woman can bring home any stray and a farmer will let her keep it.

2. Loves trucks.

Notice it is plural. If your Valentine is a farmer, there are two trucks. One, typically older, is driven for feed or hay. The other, newer truck is driven to town, farm meetings and church. A woman will always have a ride.

3. Loves guns.

Notice again--plural. There are at least two guns. One is cleaned and sighted for hunting season. The other is used to kill vermin. A woman never needs to fear for safety whether in the barn or the woods.

4. Loves gravel roads.

Despite the fact that the shortest route to town is just 10 miles, during planting or harvest season it is at least 20 miles. Why? A farmer loves to travel the back roads to see just who is in the field. A woman will always have time to discuss her day. However, the farmer may not be listening.

5. Loves vacations.

A farmer loves a vacation as long as it involves traveling to a livestock show, farm show or farm auction. A woman will be able to get away from the house. And if it is a farm auction she could pick up a few antiques, or in my case, a few show sheep.

6. Loves fine dining.

A farmer’s favorite meal is one that is free and eaten during a conference, workshop or convention. There he is guaranteed good food and good company. A woman can rest assured that her farmer is fed well when away from home. And on special occasion, like an annual meeting, she might even be invited to join him.

7. Loves name brand clothing.

Farmers are fashionable. Their closets are full of name brand clothing from the likes of Pioneer, Dekalb, John Deere, or Case IH just to name a few. The best part is these brand name clothes are free. A woman will never need to dip into her own clothing fund to outfit her farmer. Just buy him the occasional muck boot and chore coat and the farmer is set for all seasons.

8. Loves technology.

Technology is not limited to the tractor cab with its GPS and yield monitor. The farmer now has a tablet and smartphone with him. A woman can feel confident that when a text message is sent the farmer receives it. However, her farmer will only respond once he stops playing games on his tablet while his tractor is on auto steer.

9. Loves surprises.

A farmer’s life is full of wonder. What will the weather be like? How high will grain prices go? How low will grain prices go? A farmer is great at dealing with unexpected situations. A woman can count on her farmer to remain calm when life throws in an expected circumstance--think twins, mother-in-law moving in or bad hair color. A farmer can handle surprises.

10. Loves family.

A farmer works from home. He takes the time to stop the chores and eat lunch with his children. And some of the best Valentines are farmers who over the years realize it is not only important to keep their children close, but also find time to take their grandkids to the barn or field. A woman can rest assured that family is at the heart of her farmer.

Take time to celebrate all of your farmer’s lovable traits this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Mark Hershey Farms of http://www.markhersheyfarms.com/ says:

    Good post which talks about 10 reasons why a farmer is an ideal valentine.The fact that the farmer loves animals, trucks, guns, gravel roads, vacations, fine dining, name brand clothing, technology, surprises and family are good reasons to say that farmers are loving, caring, can keep women happy in many ways like giving her a ride in the truck, protecting her, taking her out for vacations, dining out, loving name brand clothing, loving technology, remaining calm when unexpected things happen in life and last but not the least, finding quality time for wife, kids and other close family members which is very important for happiness in family life.

  2. Kathy says:

    Loved reading the Farmer/Valentine one---been with my farmer 49 years! However, I take exception to #1 where it says he will "let" her keep any stray, etc. No one "lets" me keep anything---"I" decide if I keep it or not!